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Alice is painter, with the heart of a daydreamer. Alice uses her paintings to create a mythical world to escape to, full of gargoyles, monsters and witches. Traveling to the world within her paintings allows Alice to escape the realities of her life. Whatever Alice paints come true, a dangerous and powerful gift she is still learning how to use. Without the confidence required to succeed in the reality, Alice uses her paint brush to create new worlds and friends to go on adventures with. A painters who’s magical paintings take her on a journey to the ends of her imagination and back home again.

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The Dark One

On a dark day, when Alice was surround by sadness, she painted several self-portraits of her future self. These paintings created an alternate future Alice, referred to as The Dark One. An older, wiser and weathered version of Alice, who’s main goal is to destroy all of Gargoyles and Witches that Alice has created with her paint brush. Over the years, being full of regret and loneliness has left the Dark One unable to see passed her own point of view. Without empathy or patience, The Dark One wants what she wants, when she wants it. Using paintbrushes and canvasses of her own, The Dark One tries to un-paint all of Alice’s creations.



Having lived through both falls of the Gargoyle Empire has made Aura a strong defiant leader. Desperate to save gargoyle kind has made Aura fear the painters and witches of this magical world of paintings. A maze was painted to in-prison all gargoyles under the mountainside at the edge of desert. This maze is Aura’s to solve. A rotating spherical maze created for one sole purpose, to force all gargoyles to live in darkness forever. Aura must find a way escape the maze and reclaim the lands that were stolen from the Gargoyle race.

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Kibou is a fearless cherub-like Gargoyle who follows Alice through all her adventures. Indebted to Alice by a life bond, Kibou protects Alice as courageously as his small size will allow. As an unnamed Gargoyle, Kibou has been rejected by his own kind. His loneliness and sadness has been overcome by his hope for the future. With child-like wonder, Kibou dreams of a time when all gargoyles will be treated equally, no matter how small and round they may be.